Saturday, September 23, 2017

The First Barefoot Reunion

Front Row: Mary (Barefoot) Watkins, Loraine (Walker) Barefoot, Mary Jane (Edwards) Barefoot, George Barefoot, Samuel Barefoot, John Barefoot, Timothy Taylor, William Barefoot, Irvin Taylor. Row 2: Ross Barefoot, Della Clark Barefoot, James Reininger, Charles Stanton, David Hammer, William Taylor, James Hammer. Last Row: Albert Barefoot, Ford Hammer, Blaine Barefoot, James Barefoot. FIRST BAREFOOT REUNION TOOK PLACE AT OSTERBURG, PA, ON 17 AUGUST 1918 Unlike a birthday in which age begins as one after the first year, a reunion starts at one the first time it meets. Thus our 2017 reunion marks the 100th meeting of the Barefoot Clan. Here’s information about the first Barefoot Reunion: “Famous Picnic Grounds Selected on Account of Convenience.” The Barefoots and descendants will hold their first family reunion and basket picnic Saturday, August 17, at the famous Osterburg picnic grounds at Osterburg. While this is intended to be a big social gathering of this widely known family, arrangements for addresses by prominent descendants of the early settlers of that name have have been made. Among the speakers the committee has selected are ex-Mayor Joseph Cauffiel of Johnstown, Elliot Reininger of Blair County, Attorney Charles Barefoot of Cleveland, O., and others. Music will be furnished by a brass band, and amusements of all kinds will be arranged, a merry-go-round to be one of the features of the day. The Osterburg grounds are beautiful, well adapted and equipped to all weather conditions, and are most convenient for those wishing to go by trail. The committee concluded to hold its first reunion there, instead of on the old Barefoot farm. The grounds are easily accessible to autoists, and many other conveyances. Trains from Bedford and Altoona pass twice daily – 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. W. S. Barefoot, a well-known liveryman in the pioneer days of Windber, is president of the reunion association. The second Barefoot Reunion Association outing was held Saturday, August 16, 1919, on the Job Barefoot picnic grounds at Pleasantville, Bedford County. W. S. Barefoot was president.

Friday, September 22, 2017

New Barefoot Reunion Officers for 2018

Newly Elected 2018 Barefoot Family Reunion Officers 2018 Barefoot Reunion Officers: Suzan (Hawthorne) Hollist,President; Mike Barefoot, Vice President; Jennifer (Woodley) Keith, Corresponding Secretary; Bobbie (Hott) Woodley, Secretary and Auction Supervisor; Patty (Hott) Jones, Treasurer; Sylvia (Hott) Sonneborn, Barefoot Reunion Newsletter.

Collage of Those Barefoot Descendants and Friends Who Attended the 100th Barefoot Reunion

Collage of Those Attending the 100th Barefoot Reunion

BAREFOOT MEN - descended from the Barefoot Reunion Organizer William Shurdan Barefoot; sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Russel "Doc" Barefoot

Descendants of William Barefoot and Russel J or "Doc" Barefoot: Tom and son Brandon, Dick and son, Bill's son Tim and Tim's son Adam, and Mike Barefoot Photo my Marty Erdley

HOTT SONS (children of FRED AND DELORES HOTT) - descendants of Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer

Here's a group of Hott Men,descended through Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer.L to R - Brian, Eric, John, Mark, and Russell Hott. Descendants from Mary Sleek and James Barefoot> Elizabeth Barefoot and Solomon Nunemaker Hammer> Joseph Sleek Hammer and Lizzie Ann Barnhart> Ella Genora (Hammer) Krise and Warren Samuel Paget Krise> Elizabeth Mae (Krise) Hott and Coy Elga Hott> Fred Warren Hott and Delores (Lorrie)Miller) Hott> the Hott Men


Barefoot Log Cabin

Barefoot Log Cabin

Old Photo of Barefoot Home

Old Photo of Barefoot Home
James Barefoot Log Cabin