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Blackburn Website Associated with the Barefoots

Blackburns of Bedford are closely related to the Barefoots of the same area. Check out this website to find additional information about the Barefoots:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009 Barefoot Reunion

First Sunday, August 2, 2009
Windber Recreational Park, Windber, Pennsylvania
Sequoia Pavilion - Smorgasbord at 12:30 p.m.
Please bring a covered dish and dessert to share, plus your own tableware.
President Vicki Erdley has won the chocolate basket.
Fundraiser: Please donate a craft, baked goods, filled basket, or white elephant for the auction (Limit 5 items). We also pass the hat. Baskets can be filled with sports memorabilia, cosmetics, bath products and lotions; dog treats, brushes, and dog toys; chocolate items, movie night (popcorn, movie, other snacks), car accessories (flashlight, window breaker, snow remover, map, etc.), snacks, etc.

Sandi and Tim Barefoot check their numbers to see if they have won an item in the Chinese auction.

The late Dave Masters stands between his brother Jim Strange and wife Pam. Dave was always at the reunions with his family. We all will miss not seeing him.

Please send a $4.00 donation for a hard copy mailed to your home for 2009 newsletter if interested. We also welcome donations for the general expenses of the Barefoot Reunion Association.

Please send donations or announcements for the newsletter to the BR treasurer: Sylvia Sonneborn, 3110 Starlight Drive, York, PA 17402 A big "HI" from the newsletter editor and treasurer, Sylvia Sonneborn.Thanks to all of you who subscribe to the newsletter and make donations for the upkeep of the reunion.

2008 Winners of the Barefoot Reunion Prizes and Social News


Each year the Barefoot Reunion Association awards prizes to the oldest man and woman, the youngest child, the person who traveled the farthest to come to the Barefoot Reunion, the newest married couple and the longest married. Clair Mock at 104 has been winning the prize for the oldest man for a number of years. Clair remembers the first reunion, over 92 years ago. The oldest lady is Hazel Sipe, who is a Barefoot in-law - mother of Pam Strange, wife of Jim Strange. The newly-weds were Aubrey (Erdley) Garvin and Ben Garvin, who were married in the Washington DC Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 21 June 2008. John and June Hammer, married 62 years, have been winning the prize for the longest married for quite some time. The youngest child was Colton Yeager at 3 months, son of Jeremy and Corinna Strange Yeager. And Mary Hott Hutchison took the prize for traveling the farthest - driving in from Huntsville, Missouri.

Youngest Barefoot Baby - Colter Yeager with his uncle
Traveled Farthest - Mary Hutchison (my younger sister) from Huntsville, Missouri

Most Recently Married - Aubrey Erdley-Garvin and Ben Garvin June 2008

Longest Married - June and John Hammer 62 years - Descended from Solomon Nunemaker Hammer and Elizabeth Barefoot-Hammer

Oldest Lady - Hazel Sipe 88 years (Pam Strange's Mother)

Oldest Man - Clair Mock - 103 years old in 2008 - Still attending Barefoot Reunions. Clair's wish for the past two years was to ride a motorcycle. In 2007 and 2008, he got his wish.

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Births - "Born Barefoot"

Laura Huff and Stacy O'Hara Shellabarger with daughters

News of Barefoot Descendant Sloan McLaughlin

52 Weeks of Success
Dentist sinks teeth into service with Army
By Ted Lutz, Republican Staff
Like father, like son. Sloan McLaughlin always planned a career that would follow the footsteps of his father—Kane dentist Dale McLaughlin.

Capt. Sloan McLaughlin (right), a Kane native who is a dentist in the U.S. Army is shown with his family, including his mother, Audrey; his father, Dr. Dale McLaughlin (left); and his brother, Nels, (center)

But his dental practice is not located in a small town in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. He’s a dentist in the U.S. Army and could treat soldier’s dental problems anywhere in the world.
McLaughlin, who holds the rank of captain, now is stationed at Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA. He formerly was based at Fort Campbell, KY. He spent one year as an Army dentist at a multi-national military base in Egypt. Despite his nomadic experience, McLaughlin has no regrets about his decision to join the army. “I love the military,” McLaughlin said. He said treating soldiers for their dental ailments is “definitely a good feeling.”
“It gives me satisfaction knowing I’m helping these guys,” he said. He has seen some patients who have recently returned from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has nothing but respect for these soldiers.
“What they have done is pretty admirable,” he said. He said that he volunteered to serve in Iraq, but he was not deployed. McLaughlin, the son of Dr. McLaughlin and his wife Audrey, is a 1998 graduate of Kane Area High School. He has one brother, Nels. A member of the National Honor Society, McLaughlin was one of the most outstanding athletes in the 1990’s. As a member of the soccer team, he was Kane’s first ever all-star selection. McLaughlin won the district championship in the javelin and finished fifth in the state meet. He set the javelin record in the Kane Invitational track meet. McLaughlin, who is 6 foot 2, led the Kane basketball team in rebounding when the Wolves won the district championship in 1998.
After graduating from high school, McLaughlin enrolled in Grove City College where he majored in biochemistry. He continued his athletic career in college and won the President’s Athletic Conference (PAC) championship in javelin. He also played rugby on the college’s club team. “That was a bad idea,” McLaughlin said in describing his rugby career. He separated his right shoulder and the injury impeded his ability to throw the javelin.
After graduating in 2002, McLaughlin was accepted at the University of Pittsburgh dental school. At the same time, he joined the U.S. Army to take advantage of its “health profession scholarship” program. “I was looking for some way to pay for dental school,” McLaughlin said in discussing his entry into the military. He said the Army scholarship paid all his tuition as well as books and supplies. “It was a good deal,” McLaughlin said in reference to the Army scholarship. “It kept me out of a lot of debt.”
By accepting the scholarship for dental school, McLaughlin was obligated to make a commitment to serve in the Army after graduation. He is more than pleased with his choice. “It was one of the better decisions I’ve made,” McLaughlin said. “I’d do it again.” He’ll soon be receiving advanced dentistry courses—again courtesy of Uncle Sam. He begins three years of training in June in prosthodontics, which involve tooth crowns and bridge implants.
McLaughin, a 28 year old bachelor, owns his own house near the Army base in Georgia.
An avid hunter and fisherman, he tries to run between 25 and 30 miles for a week to train for long-distance running events. While stationed in Egypt, he ran a half marathon (13.1miles) at the Dead Sea. He competed in the Music City Marathon in Nashville.McLaughlin said, “I pretty much always have known that I wanted to be a dentist.” He said he and his father are so similar that” we’re the exact same thing.” “I’m my father’s don, for sure,” McLaughlin said. He returns to Kane when he can to hunt and fish with his dad. McLaughlin still remembers harsh Kane winters when he “shoveled snow three times a day” for an elderly family friend.
“Kane’s always been a good town and I love the area,” McLaughin said. “If I could live somewhere, I’d live in Kane.”

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sharon Sheldon Disputes Relationship to George Ross


Barefoot, Brinley, Morgan, Robinson, Ross, Sheldon, Wells

A Ross By Any Other Name .....…Sharon Sheldon

Over 100 years after her death, a new marker was erected at the Bedford Co., PA grave of our ancestor, Rebecca (Ross) Barefoot, claiming she was the granddaughter of George Ross, a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Family tradition stated that she was the daughter of Col. James Ross, a Revolutionary War veteran and son of George Ross. A number of family members joined the DAR or SAR claiming lineage through Col. James Ross and "George the Signer." Among the records cited in support were the grave marker and other secondary sources such as the Barefoot reunion brochures.

In 1997, my distant cousin Becky Barefoot and I decided to research our common ancestor, Benjamin Barefoot of Chester Co., PA who had married this Rebecca Ross in 1787. Their eldest son, James Barefoot, moved to Bedford Co., PA in 1809. We could find little information regarding the life of Benjamin Barefoot. We therefore decided to look more closely at Rebecca's family, thinking that perhaps her well-documented family would give us clues to our Barefoots. Ironically, the opposite happened. The more we read about the Ross family, the more uncomfortable we became with Rebecca's assumed place among them: despite
diligent research we had never seen a reference to the possibility of James having an eldest daughter named Rebecca in the many works written up about this Ross family.

Among our family records are photocopies of pages from Rebecca Ross's prayer book, which she bought in 1785. The entries in the prayer book record her marriage, the birth of her children, and an unexplained death record: that of a man named William Ross, who died on February 9, 1818. None of our family records explained the relationship of William Ross to Rebecca Ross. Nor could we find proof of him as part of "The Signer's" family.

In June 1997, I sifted through the contents of the "George Ross the Signer" proof file at the DAR Library. There was nothing in the file that proved or disproved a connection to our family. Then I came across a copy of a typewritten page from a genealogy compiled by Robert Brinley that had the following information underlined in red pencil: "…[Mary Ann Ross] was the sister of William Ross…died February 9, 1818…
Mary's sister, Rebecca Ross, married into the Bearfoot [sic] family…" Could this be the William from Rebecca's prayer book!? Suddenly we had indications of THREE Ross siblings (Rebecca, William and Mary Ann), none whom could be documented as children of Col. James Ross.

Robert Brinley's book also stated that William Ross and most of the family of Mary Ann Ross Brinley were buried in Morgantown, Caernarvon Twp., Berks Co., PA. According to tax records, there was a James Ross (who also served in the Revolution) who lived in Morgantown during this time period with his wife Ruth (Robinson) Ross. Ruth's father, William Robinson died in 1768. In his will, William Robinson left his daughter, Ruth Ross, 45 acres of land in Caernarvon Twp., Berks Co., PA. This land was described as being adjacent to that of Col. Jacob Morgan, who employed a household servant named Martha "Patty" Barefoot who was later freed from her indenture by Col. Morgan's 1792 will. Patty had been in residence at the Morgan household from 1779. Now we had evidence of a Ross family who lived next door to a property where there was at least one Barefoot in residence. In Chester Co., we also found a will that had been filed for William Ross who died in 1818. These estate papers stated that William Ross was survived by three sisters: Margaret Ross Wells, Mary Ann Ross Brinley and Rebecca Ross Barefoot. We now had proof in primary source documents, that Rebecca Ross had at least three siblings, but still had no proof connecting them to Col. James Ross of Lancaster County. Moreover, the information we found in various sources regarding Col. James Ross's life appeared to be consistent in stating that he had, at most, four children: George, Catherine, Maria, and James.

We have presented this information to the Barefoot family genealogists so that future editions of the published family history can omit the erroneous information claiming direct descendancy from Col. James Ross and "George the Signer." To date, however, we have been met with silence. Most recently, one of my letters was published in the family newsletter, but only after the editor had excised all information relating to the erroneous Ross lineage.

Nothing would have made Becky and me happier than finding conclusive proof, or even some firm basis for believing, that we are descended from such a prominent figure as George Ross. I would suggest that a good rule of thumb in research is not to believe something just because it is published in a family history, printed on a tombstone, or has been accepted as fact by your family for many years.

While we now have the task of working on a line that we thought was 'completed,' we feel good about reuniting, at least on paper, our Rebecca with the people she really knew and loved.

By Sharon Sheldon
Direct descendant of Benjamin Barefoot & Rebecca Ross

If you are interested in contacting Sharon with questions or comments on the Barefoot - Ross family, her address is:
If you are researching a Bedford County family and would like to list the family and where
they lived prior to coming to Bedford County, I will be happy to post it.
Please contact me at:

Letters from Barefoot Clan in 2008-9

Dear Sylvia,
As for my lineage, my father was Kenneth John Mock II, son of John Phillip Mock (1886) and Salomia Marie Vaughn (1887), son of Jonathan Mock (1850) & Florence L. Thompson (1861), son of Jacob Mock (1817) & Julia Ann Harclerode (1826), son of George Mock (1790) & Mary or Maria Heckman (1792), son of John Mock (1761) & Anna Elizabeth Bowser (1760), son of Jacob Mock (1745) & Merci Dority (abt 1749), son of Peter Mock (1727) and Catherine Garn.
My mother was Dorothy June Greenawalt, daughter of William Orville Greenawalt (1879) and Ada Belle Mellott (1884), daughter of Joseph Major Mellott (1851) and Sarah Louemma Mellott (1857), son of Major David Daniels Mellott (1815) and Elizabeth Pittman (1816), son of Obediah Roy Mellott (1755) and Mary P. Daniels (1779), son of Frontier Ranger John M. Mellott (1722) and Sarah Stillwell (1720), son of Theodore Merlot (1694) and Catherine Marple (1695).
My tie in with the Solomon B. Mock (1847) who married Charlotte Barefoot (1848), he was the son of Michael Mock (1812) and Susannah Beisel (1811), son of David Mock (1777) and Elizabeth Bowser (1770), son of Peter Mock (1742) and Elizabeth Sample (1747), son of Peter Mock (1727) and Catherine Garn. Charlotte Barefoot daughter of James Barefoot (1821) and Sara Jane Mickey (1823). So as you can see, it was a "trip" to connect the families, but I love a puzzle. My mom has often spoken of friends named Barefoot, and I believe one of her siblings children married a Barefoot.
Well, that's a brief bit on my lineage, my family on both sides goes back to the American Revolution and are certified by the DAR.
Look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks for the pictures. I'll try and get a CD out to you with the Barefoot headstones that I've ID so far. What other family lines would be of interest to you. As for the Pleasantville Cemetery, I have taken pictures of all the headstones as of May 2007, and I'm cataloging those at this time and trying to match them to family lines. Take care and have a great week. B.M.
My brother Ross James Adams passed away 1 January 2008. His wife, Marjorie Adams, passed away 13 February 2008. He was almost 91, and she was 94. Ross received full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.
Vero Beach, FL
Patty Hott Jones and her sister Cindy Hott Gage, daughters of Gerald "Bob" and Barbara Hott.
I am contacting you because I am Solomon Nunemaker Hammer’s great great great grandaughter. John Colby- Winfeild Scott- John Franklin-John Scott- Me. I am very interested in the family history and I wanted to contact you and let you know I am out here. I was wondering if maybe you have any more old pictures.
Wow, it is so weird that you just responded today because my grandfather John and I where just talking about you and he showed me the Ross book. He also showed me the Barefoot reunion newsletter which is really neat. I have always been really interested in family genealogy and I would always remember Gram and Pap talking about going to the Barefoot Reunion, but I never really thought anything of it when I was a child. I am actually really inspired by Mary "Polly" Sleek Barefoot, because I am going to IUP for nursing and I read that she was the doctor of the town, and it made me feel like I was following the family. My grandfather does have pictures, and I am going to ask him if I can copy them, and I will send them to you. I know I have pictures of Winfield Scott Hammer and Mary Ellen Hammer and from there on I have tons of pictures. Thank you for emailing me back. I really appreciate it. I hope to someday make updates on these family books too.
Thank you and I will keep in touch,
Caitlyn Hammer

Dear Sylvia,
Thank you so very much for all the information you sent me. I really appreciate it! I have been having fun entering data in my program. That is interesting that we just don't know that much about James Ross. I appreciate getting the info that you sent.
I will have to work on papers for DAR for the Sleek connection when I have a minute.
I have noted the Barefoot Reunion in my calendar and will make every effort to be there. It will be great to meet you and the other relatives in person.
That information on Samuel Barefoot and family from Becky Barefoot is truly amazing!!!
I am not sure I have Sylvia and Gary's book - but I very well might have it in NC, so I won't order another until I get there and check.

Thanks again,
San Antonio, TX



Congratulations on the production and publication of the 2008 Barefoot Bulletin. It was a masterful piece of work and obviously required a lot of time and effort on your part. All of the Barefoot clan should be proud of their Bulletin editor.

LH (Author of the Hammer Genealogy)

Earl "Hutch" Hutchison of Missouri and Bob Hott of Ebensburg, PA, brothers-in-law, get a chance to catch up at the reunion - 2008.

Thank you so much for all the info on the McNitt families. It solves one brick wall! I have found a little more on Mary McNitt Barefoot. She died in Missouri, shortly after the 1860 census was taken. And she is definitely buried back in Presbyterian cemetery in Mifflin County, Pa. My grandfather, William Ross Barefoot, remained in Mifflin County, but his brother Robert, went back to Illinois. The Mifflin Co. Historical Society sent me a newspaper clipping from Dec 10, 1890, that Robert came back to visit his aunt and brother. It added that he lived in Chicago, and it was the first time in 25 years that he had been back to Pa.
Also thank you for letting me know about the Barefoot generations. The new information sounds very credible, so I will check further.
If I can give you any info, please don't hesitate to ask. I have Barefoot, McNitt, and Sterrett families. And the LDS Church just helped me to start the Shaw line.
If you have one of the early McNitt brothers on your family tree, I will be glad to pass along about how Alexander McNitt's son, Robert, was kidnapped by Indians in 1777. It's been published in several books about Mifflin County.
I also have a 2 volume set of Biographical Encyclopedia of the Juaniata Valley, published in 1897 by Runk. I can look someone up, if you think it would help you.
Also, my computer needs some work on it; so if there's a lapse in my communication, I have your e-mail address and will get back to you.
Thanks again,
[Note: Sylvia identified Levi and Mary McNitt Barefoot. Levi is a son of Benjamin and Rebecca Ross Barefoot, and he is a brother to our James Barefoot married to Mary Slick.]

Bill Barefoot of York, PA, has been a past president of the Barefoot Reunion, a vice president, and the manager of the sound system. He and his wife Dorothy have been attending the reunion for many years Bill also passes the hat and solicits donations to support the reunion.

Hi, Sylvia,
Well, it’s that time of year again for the Barefoot Reunion. Time goes quickly. Last year’s newsletter was quite nice.
I’m sending a picture of Mom and Dad on their wedding day 20 June 1934. His name was Alex Vale Stanton. I also enclosed a small picture of mom on her 90th birthday 9 August 1990. Thanks for the newsletter.
Pittsburgh, PA

Ruth Katherine Hillegas Stanton on her 90th birthday and Alexander Vale Stanton, Jr., and Ruth on their wedding day 30 June 1934. Submitted by their daughter KS P. 258 in Barefoot Book.
Ashley Hott at the 2008 Barefoot Reunion
Sylvia,Just wanted to let you know that the local post office and corner store in my home town in England was run by a family with the last name BARFOOT. As they were probably the first generation to read and write in the 1940's, and as my family changes their last name from JOICE to JOYS to JOYES to JAYS and back again depending on who was the minister officiating (yes I actually have the film there with the copy of the parish register) all in one family in one generation - you might find a connection in Sussex, England. Just a thought, stranger things have happened.
WH, York, Pennsylvania

Cousins Mike Barefoot and Penny Espenshade chat at the reunion as they recall old times. Mike is son of Bernard Barefoot and Penny is daughter of Bill Barefoot.

Dear Sylvia,
Thank you again for all that you and the other officers of the Barefoot Reunion do. It’s so nice to get the Bulletin and read it way out here in Washington State. My mother was Rose Ella Buskirk. My grandmother was Bertha May Reasy. My great-grandmother was Elizabeth Barefoot, the 10th child of Diane (Heck) and William Barefoot, who was the 4th child of Mary (Sleek) and James Barefoot.
I’m sending this correction for your records. My mother’s grandmother died 9 August 1935, according to Mother’s records. She practically raised my mom, who was born in 1905, so she couldn’t have died in 1870. My grandma Bertha was her oldest and only daughter – the rest were boys – Simon, Ross, and Walter.
Enumclaw, Washington
24 July 2008


Dear Sylvia, 7/24/2008
The Barefoot Newsletter came today, and it was done in the same excellent style it always has been in the past. Thank you so much for all the hard work in putting this together.

We’re off to New Jersey next Wednesday. The 11th is Joyce’s big birthday, and our son Steve and his family will be there. She doesn’t know it yet, but our daughter Ann and grandson Buddy are planning to sneak to the cottage to help usher her into the next decade of life. Her age was not a big deal for me if memory serves me correctly. Be well and be safe.
St Clairsville, Ohio

Mary Anne (Mrs. Eric) Hott and daughter Rebecca for years organized the auction. Now they have turned the reins over to cousin Bobbie Ann, but they still help out where needed.

Dear Sylvia,
Thank you for the newsletter. It was interesting to read and get updates on family members. My father was Robert Barkley Barefoot, son of Stanton Earl Barefoot. My mother Margaret (Suter) Barefoot is 91 and lives in a nursing home close to me. She has severe dementia. P. 148 of the Barefoot Book. (Descended from William S. Barefoot II and Jennie Barkley.
I really enjoyed the story on Ben Barefoot by his son. I remember him and going to my Uncle Doc and Aunt Pat’s place. Thank you again.
Updates on our family:
Sandy (Barefoot) and Tom Cooper
Two Children:
Claudia married to Arlin Thrush
2 children:
Cooper Thrush
Zachary Thrush
Thomas (Div)
2 children:
Aspen Cooper
Autumn Cooper
Yours truly,
Bloomsburg, PA
Holly Demarco, Patty Jones, Cindy Gage, and Jennifer Woodley

Thanks for the newsletter. I was particularly surprised by the Ancestor Spotlight – Bernard Barefoot. I always thought my father was the only Bernard Barefoot. He was the 2nd youngest son of John Oscar Barefoot and Anna Mae Crissman.
Aurora, OH


Dear Sylvia,
Please send the newsletter to me.
Every time I see the words Barefoot Reunion, I think of Robert because he really enjoyed the people. He liked their kindness, and the willingness to help others, and how to have a good time.
Hope you are well.
I went to Southern France for ten days and found it very relaxing.
I taught this past year and was accompanist for middle school programs.
I settled everything for Robert (her recently deceased brother), but I don’t know yet where I want to retire. I keep looking at different places. My best to you.
Bethlehem, PA
Hi, Sylvia,
I am a descendant of the Joseph Earl Barefoot (my father) and Ira Earl and Carrie Bowser Barefoot (my grandparents) from alum Bank – Bedford County.
I remember my Dad getting all (there were 8 children) of us dressed up to go to the Barefoot Reunion. My husband and children (2) live in Lancaster County, PA.
I would love to receive a newsletter and any other information you may have.
Thanks for keeping this going.
Our son Sgt. Bryan Rizzo works for the Northeastern Regional Police Dept. in Mt. Wolf, PA.
Mary Jane Barefoot Rizzo
Lancaster, PA
Thank you so much for sending the newsletter. It is so well done, and I was surprised to see how many of the Barefoots are from the Pleasantville area.
The picture of the Watkins Hotel and the School House in Alum Bank (I went there 3-8 grades). The eight Square School was extra special; my dad went there. These all brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for an amazing job.
Lancaster, PA

The Hott Girls ~ Barbara Jones Hott (wife of Bob Hott), Gail Anne Hott Prave, Sylvia Hott Sonneborn, Betsy Hott Hawthorne, and Mary Hott Hutchison enjoy the chance to get together from their scattered abodes each year at the Barefoot Reunion.

Dear Sylvia,
Am ordering the Barefoot Bulletin and would like you to send a copy to my sister Peggy Parrish of Silver Springs, MD. She has had some health problems. Also, I like your newsletter. We enjoy your letters so much; they are so interesting. God bless you for doing then – that is a lot of work! Thanks so much,
Johnstown, PA

Mark Piljay, friend of Gail Prave, has some relaxing times with his beagle Lizzie at the 2008 Barefoot Reunion.

Dear Sylvia,
Once again I am sending praises for the wonderful Barefoot Bulletin. Each issue gets better and better. And the pictures - and obituaries are invaluable - though I do
not know anyone anymore. But other genealogists must treasure them.
Currently I have put together a Moore booklet for my nephew who recently graduated from an R.N. program in Oregon. We went by train - no more long drives - and stayed with our middle son Jonathan and his wife in Eugene, Oregon.
Jon drove us to the graduation in Salem and then all our children arrived to celebrate our 65th wedding anniversary together! They put on an eastern clambake
for us - what joy - using Dungeness crab instead of lobster which we find quite a tasty substitute. Of course my brother was there for his son's event so it really was
a memorable time for us and the whole family. Some had not seen nephew Paul for 15 years - and here he finally was graduating at age 50!
Anyway he asked if I had any material on the Moore family and boy = do I have 'stuff"! It has been a chore but that Ninetieth Barefoot Reunion booklet held gems
of information too. You people are doing a great service to this far flung family.
And we are happy the lineage of the Ross's is resolved - I tried and tried with no luck but now our cousins Becky and Sharon have documented it very well. I must get copies of these books into our wonderful genealogical library here in Santa Barbara so will write Sylvia Coleman to see if that is possible. I'd like the Barefoot
book and the Ninetieth Souvenir book too. Well, maybe I'll give them mine as no one in the family seems interested in my work so that library will be a safe repository for my 'stuff'. - if they have room! We are currently conducting a building fund campaign to enlarge the building which already holds over 10,000 books, 600 discs, 3 computers, 2 microfiche readers and extensive files. Bob actually built all the stacks years ago, so we are quite familiar with the property.
Enclose my subscription fees and a donation which I hope you find useful and look forward to hearing from you next year.
EMW Shelby and her father Eric Hott

Ashley Hott, daughter of Eric and Maryanne Hott

Pleasantville Cemetery Clean-up

Thank-you Note from Bob Felton
Re: Pleasantville Cemetery

28 October 2008

Just a brief update on the Pleasantville Cemetery. This year was a long grass-growing season. In fact, I just finished a season’s end to mowing a couple weeks ago.
The equipment has now been serviced and is ready to go in the spring.
This summer we again had inmates from Cresson State Prison provide maintenance. I had there here for two weeks, and we accomplished resetting over a dozen monuments. Spraying for poison ivy was also done. Several graves have been filled in, and they’ll be others to do as the ground settles.
I’m planning on doing some work in channeling water for a better drainage situation.
Several Truck loads of gravel have been spread over the road.
It’s been a job getting this old cemetery to look good. I believe we’re starting to see positive results. The comments folks are making are encouraging. Again, thank the Barefoot Reunion for their concern and the financial support. It’s really appreciated.
Yours truly,
Bob Felton

[Last year we increased our donation for the upkeep of the Pleasantville Cemetery from $100 to $120. We will discuss this issue again. We will again pass the hat for additional monies to send to Bob. He is married to a Barefoot descendant but lovingly cares for the spot where many of our older Barefoot ancestors have been laid to rest. We appreciate him and the scheduling of the prison inmates to help with this task.

If any reader does not attend the Barefoot Reunion but would like to contribute to the upkeep of the cemetery, would you please just send a check to “Robert A. Felton” at this address: PO Box 34, 122 Rolling Acres Dr., Alum Bank, PA 15521-0034.]

Barefoot Obituaries for 2008-09

Barefoot Obituaries

Almeda Allison, age 98, of King St. Clair Road, Alum Bank, died at 11:57 PM , Tuesday, February 10, 2009 at Colonial Courtyard, Bedford.
Mrs. Allison was born in Lincoln Twp., Bedford County, PA on Thursday, July 14, 1910, the daughter of the late Wilson and Della (Barefoot) Mock. She retired from the Chestnut Ridge School District where she worked in the cafeteria, and was a member of Alum Bank United Methodist Church.
Almeda was the widow of Grant Allison, whom she married on May 24, 1930 and he preceded her in death on June 24, 1955.
She is survived by Daughter- Louise, wife of Robert Bennett, Alum Bank; Son- Robert husband of Ann (Goode) Allison, NC; Son- Donald husband of Joyce (Whitcomb) Allison, Alum Bank; Daughter- Grace wife of Ned Clark, Bedford; Daughter- Carol wife of William Lochner, Fishertown; Son- Edward Allison, Everett; Brother- Clair Mock, Bedford. She is also survived by 16 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren, 12 great great grandchildren. Almeda was preceded in death by three brothers and five sisters.
A funeral service will be held at Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home Inc, Pleasantville at 11AM on Saturday, February 14th, 2009 with Rev. Charles Jack officiating. Interment at Fishertown Cemetery. Friends are invited to call Friday 2 - 4 and 7 - 9 PM at Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home Inc, Pleasantville.Memorial contributions may be made to Grane Hospice 1020 Green Ave. Altoona, PA 16601.
P. 115 of Barefoot Book

Marjorie Jeanette Johnson Adams, b.14 January 1914, passed away 13 Feb 2008 in Pompano Beach, FL, a little over a month after her husband Ross James Adams died. Ross is a a descendant of James Barefoot and Sarah Mickey, p. 214 of Barefoot Book.
BAREFOOT, LARRY JO BAREFOOT, MR. LARRY J. (Husband of Cynthia) Norton Shores Mr. Larry J. Barefoot, age 49, died Friday morning, May 15, 2009 after a short illness. He was born June 27, 1959 in Windber, PA to Morris & Geraldine (Monson) Barefoot. Larry was a member of Lake Harbor United Methodist Church, where he had formerly sang in the choir. He was also a Life Scout and former member of the Masonic Lovell Moore Lodge; and had been active with the Shriners and Chanters. He was a salesman for Graphics House the past 6 years. On April 7, 1984, he married the former Cynthia Wilhelms and she survives him along with 1 step-son, Tony (Jenna) Flannery of Muskegon; 2 grandchildren, Bretyn and Jadyn; 1 brother, William (Gail) Barefoot of Norton Shores; his step-mother, Freda Barefoot of Norton Shores; 2 step-sisters, Celia (Chuck) Geark of Mendon and Sharon (Joe) McQuaig of Keleva; his father-in-law, Edward Wilhelms of Norton Shores; and by his brother-in-law, Tybo (MaryJo) Wilhelms of Toledo, OH. He was preceded in death by his parents, Morrie and Geraldine, and mother-in-law, Juanita. A MEMORIAL SERVICE will be held 11 AM Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at Lake Harbor United Methodist Church (4861 S. Henry St.) with Pastor Mark Erbes officiating. VISITATION with Larry's family will be 6-8 PM Tuesday at the church. MEMORIAL GIFTS to Harbor Hospice Poppen Residence or Lake Harbor UMC will be appreciated. You are also invited to sign the family's online guestbook at www.sytsema fh.com Arrangements by: The Lee Chapel Sytsema Funeral Homes, Inc. 6291 S. Harvey Street 231-798-1100 p. 304 of Barefoot Book
BAREFOOT, LOIS KATHLEEN (SAYLOR) BAREFOOT – Lois Kathleen (Saylor), 82, of Aurora, Ohio, died Friday, Aug. 29, 2008. She was born Oct. 14, 1925, in East St. Clair Township, daughter of the late William Meade and Carrie (Barefoot) Saylor. On Sept. 13, 1947, in Salix, she married Bernard B. Barefoot, who passed away on July 20, 1994.
Their children survive her: Gary S. Barefoot, and wife, Diane, of Aurora, Ohio; Beck A. Henry, and husband, of Friedens; six grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; a brother, George R. Saylor, and wife, Leah (Adams) Saylor, of Hermitage; two brothers-in-law, Darl E. Westover and Ned Weaver; and a sister-in-law, Marge Barefoot. She was preceded in passing away by four sisters, Nelle Weaver, Barbara Handwork, Mildred Oldham and Phyllis Westover, and three brothers, Duane Saylor, Palmer Saylor and Owen Saylor. During her childhood and younger years, Kathleen was a member of the Pinegrove United Methodist Church in Fishertown. She was a graduate of East St. Clair High School Class of 1943 and also was a graduate of the Conemaugh Valley Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 1946. For many years Kathleen worked as a registered nurse, until her retirement to Florida. She will be greatly missed for her enthusiasm of life, love and family. Funeral service will be held Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2008, at 11 a.m. in the Chapel at Dalla Valle Funeral Service, with Pastor Scott Ream officiating. Friends may call at Dalla Valle Funeral Service, Main Street, Everett, on Monday, Sept. 1, 2008, from 4 to 8 p.m. and on Tuesday from 10 a.m. until the hour of service. Burial will be held at Fishertown Cemetery. Barefoot Book, p. 128, 209

Age 95, of Wilkinsburg, on Thurs. Apr. 23, 2009. Beloved wife of George S.; daughter of the late Louis and Frances Simek; sister of the late Helen Turek, Agnes Hagedorn, Louis & Charles Simek. Funeral Private. Professional Services Entrusted to the Care of THOMAS M. SMITH FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY, LTD., Blawnox.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Apr 25, 2009.

Graveside service for longtime Bloom Resident.
William R. Barefoot, 89, a longtime resident of Bloomsburg, died on Saturday, June 21, 2008, at the Orangeville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
He is survived by his son, William R. Barefoot, of Atco, NJ. A graveside service will be held on Wednesday, June 25, 2008, at the Atco Cemetery, Atco, New Jersey.
Arrangements are under the direction of the LeRoy P. Wooster Funeral Home, Atco, N.J.

BROWN – Betty J., 84, Richland Township, passed away Dec. 12, 2008, at Arbutus Park Manor. She was born June 9, 1924, in Johnstown, daughter of Paul J. Sr. and Marion R. (Slagle) Sauers. Preceded in death by parents; brother, Paul J. Sauers Jr.; and a nephew, Paul J. Sauers. Survived by loving husband, William J. “Bill,” Richland Township; brothers and sisters-in-law, Mary Jane (Halvaty) Sauers, Mary Louise Bost, and Fred and Doris Brown, all of Johnstown; and Herbert J. and Vivian Brown, Palm Coast, Fla.; and numerous nieces, nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews. Betty was a 1942 graduate of Johnstown High School, where she served on the reunion committee. She was employed as a bookkeeper at Penelec, Peoples Gas Co., and for Highland Sewer and Water Authority. Betty was a former member of Grace Lutheran Church, where she taught Sunday school for over 20 years. She was an active member of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church and charter member of Anna L. Windolph Chapter 495 Order of the Eastern Star. Betty loved sending greeting cards to people and will be remembered for always being there and thinking of others before her own needs. Friends received from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday at The Harris Funeral Home, 500 Cherry Lane, Richland, and from noon until time of service at 1 p.m. Monday at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, with Pastor Custead officiating. Interment will be at Richland Cemetery. The family suggests that memorial contributions may be directed to Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, 1000 Scalp Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 15904 in memory of Betty. P. 61 of Barefoot Book

Mildred Eloise Drummond, 87, of Route 861, Rimersburg, went to be with her Lord Wednesday evening, May 13, 2009, at her home, following a sudden illness.
Born July 25, 1921, in Johnstown, she was a daughter of Durb and Mable Sauder Barefoot.
Mrs. Drummond had been a member of Grace Baptist Church in New Bethlehem since its inception in 1953.
In addition to her husband, Mrs. Drummond is survived by two children, Jack Drummond and his wife, Debbie, of Fairmount City and Debbie Byers and her husband, Nelson, of New Bethlehem; four grandchildren, Nicole Drummond, Jenilee Byers, Brian Byers and Kimberly Byers, all of New
Bethlehem; one great-grandchild, Andrea Byers; one brother, Charles Barefoot; and one sister, Donna Feathers.
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by three brothers, Ivan Barefoot, Harold Barefoot and Ronnie Barefoot; and a sister, Hazel
Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. today at Grace Baptist Church on Keck Avenue New Bethlehem.
Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday in the church with the Rev. Robert Ryver, church pastor, officiating. Interment will follow at Oakland Cemetery in Distant, Armstrong County.
The Rupert Funeral Home of New Bethlehem is handling arrangements. Online condolences may be sent to Mildred's family at
www.rupertfuneralhomes.comofficiating. Interment will be at Richland Cemetery. P. 293 of Barefoot Book

Mrs. Louise Buck, age 87, of Quaker Valley Road, Alum Bank, died at 3:15 PM , Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at Carrol's Rest Home in Bedford.

Mrs. Buck was born in West St. Clair Township, on Thursday, May 5, 1921, the daughter of the late Frank and Dora (Smith) Miller.

Louise worked as a postal clerk at the Alum Bank Post Office for 40 years and was a member of the St. James Lutheran Church of Pleasantville. She had been a member of the Ladies Aid of the church and a member of the Alum Bank Community Fire Company ladies auxiliary. Louise was the widow of Patrick J. Buck, who preceded her in death June 10, 1997.
She is survived by Son- Patrick husband of Joan Hrebar, Alum Bank. She is also survived by 3 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren.
Louise was preceded in death by her sister - Margaret Miller. A Funeral Service will be held at Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home, Inc. , Pleasantville, at 2:00 PM on Friday, November 21st, 2008, with Pastor Donna Wolfinger, officiating. Interment at Pleasantville Cemetery.
Friends are invited to call Friday Noon to 2:00 PM at Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home, Inc., Pleasantville. P. 309 of Barefoot Book

HINKLEDIRE, JAMES A.Jan. 6, 1939 - Sept. 29, 2008
POSTED: September 30, 2008 James A. Hinkledire, 69, Claysburg RD, passed away Monday at home.

He was born in Portage, son of the late Milton J. and Josephine M. (Mills) Hinkledire. He married Anna Mae Dell Sept. 12, 1970, in Duncansville.

Surviving are his wife of Claysburg RD; a daughter, Kelly Hinkledire of Duncansville; a son, Jason Hinkledire and wife, Janice, of South Park, Pa.; a sister, Janet Knisely of Queen; and a brother, Milton J. Hinkledire Jr. of Klahr. Also surviving is a daughter, Christine Wilkins of Claysburg. He was preceded in death by his parents; an infant son, James; a sister, Jean Hinkledire; and brothers: Harold and Cecil Hinkledire.

Jim retired as a truck driver in 2001 from New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. He served in the U.S. Army from 1963-65. He was a member of the Pleasantville VFW, Claysburg American Legion and the Masonic Lodge, Hollidaysburg.

Private services will be held at the convenience of the family. Interment at Greenfield Cemetery. Arrangements are by the Leslie-Miller Funeral Home, Claysburg. P. 132 in Barefoot Book
Altoona Mirror

Virginia Ann (Pate) Jones, 79, of Hershey, passed away Tuesday, May 5, 2009, in the Harrisburg Hospital.
She was born May 21, 1930, in Bedford, a daughter of the late D. Edward pare and Edna (Hillegas) Pate.
Surviving are her husband, Richard A. Jones; two sons, Dan J. Jones of Hubbardston, Mass., and Edward V. Jones of Hershey; a daughter, Sarah B. Redman of Hummelswotn; four grandsons, Dylan and R. Ethan Jones of Hubbardston, Mass., Matthew Miller of Hummelstown and Daniel Miller of Hershey; and two granddaughters, Norma Jean and Grace Redman of Gettysburg.
Mrs. Jones was a member of the Harrisburg Unitarian Church.
In lieu of flowers, the family prefers memorial contributions be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, 3544 Progress Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17100.
Hoover Funeral Homes ^ Crematory, Inc., in Hershey is handling the arrangements.
Send condolences via the online guestbook at www.hoover-funeralhome.com. Bedford Inquirer – May 15, 2009. P. 162 of Barefoot Book.


MASTERS – Charles David, 81, Scalp Level, went to be with the Lord April 17, 2009. Born June 22, 1927, in Windber, son of the late D.L. and Mahala R. (Lehman) Masters Strange. Survived by wife of 60 years, Jane Ann Smith; daughters: Sue, wife of Richard "Butch" Empfield, Friedens; Kathy, wife of Dick Machtley, Robinson, Ill.; Ruth, wife of Larry Geisel; and Lori, wife of Joe Killian, both of Windber; Karen, wife of Bill Elchin, Davidsville; and Nancy, wife of Doug Wilk, Mineral, Va.; grandchildren: Dave Empfield, and fiancee, Kerrie Onderko; Rick Empfield, and wife, Nicole; Jodi, wife of Reggie Truitt; Kristen Machtley; Lynn, wife of Michael Moore; Lisa Geisel, wife of Josh Banjak; JoAnn, wife of Dwayne Mickolick; Jessica Elchin; Joshua Elchin; Janae Elchin; Scott Wilk; and Allison Wilk; and great-grandchildren: Morgan Henry; Meghan, Morgan, Madison and Logan Moore; Elizabeth "Izzy" Banjak; Bryce Mickolick; and Akazia Kaplan. Also survived by sister, Louise, wife of George O'Brien, Grand Island, Fla.; and brother, Jim Strange, and wife, Pam, Hershey, Pa.; also several nieces and nephews. A U.S. Army veteran, having served in Italy. Retired inspector for the U.S. Steel Corp., Johnstown. Member of USWA also Shawnee Rangers – Muzzleloader Gun Club. A dedicated American Red Cross Blood donor in excess of 100 units. Lifetime member of Scalp Level Trinity United Methodist Church, where Dave was a former trustee and youth adviser and was a member of the Pioneer Sunday school class and where funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Pastor Fred Monk. Interment, Rummel Cemetery, with graveside military honors by Windber VFW Ritual Team. Friends received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at William Kisiel Funeral Home, Windber. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Scalp Level Trinity United Methodist Church in Dave's memory. P. 146 of Barefoot Book
Johnstown Tribune Democrat


Leah Dale Mickey, 21, of Alum Bank, passed away on Friday, March 6, 2009, at home.
She was born in Windber on May 19, 1987, the daughter of Alan and Leslie (Ilinson) Mickey of Alum Bank.
She was engaged to Tim Loar.
In addition to her parents, she is survived by her brother, Kyle Mickey; grandmother, Jean Hinson, Alum Bank; grandfather, Herb Hin­son, York; grandparents, Bob, husband of Louise Bennett; great-grandmother, Mary Hin­son; aunts; uncles; cousins; and her dog, Charisma.
She was preceded in death by her grandfather, George Mick­ey; great-grandfather, Floyd Hinson; and great-grandparents: Almeda, wife of Grant Allison.
Leah was a loving person, who will be dearly missed. Friends and family will be received on Monday, March 9, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at J. Edward Blackburn Funeral Home, Alum Bank.
A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, March 10, at 11 a.m. with Pastor Charles Jack officiating, also at the funeral home. Interment at Mt.Union Cemetery, Lovely.
P. 202 in Barefoot Book


MICKLE, Terry Lynn, 54, of 778 Dark Hollow Road, Bedford, died at home early Thursday morning, Sept. 18, 2008, after a 13-month battle with leukemia. He was born on March 27, 1954, at Nason Hospital in Roaring Spring. He is the son of Avanelle L. (Mock) Mickle of Lovely and the late Harold W. Mickle, who preceded him in death three years ago. Terry graduated from Chestnut Ridge High School in 1972 and then, as a teenager, established his first business, Mickle’s Sporting Goods. He then established the Fishertown Country Store and owned it until 2006. On June 15, 2006, he married Jacqueline Howsare, after a nine year courtship. Together, they own Jackie’s CafĂ© and General Store in Centerville. Terry’s son is Adam Steward, married to the former Stacey Crabtree, and two beautiful granddaughters, Aliyah Marie and Bailey Lynn of Centerville. Terry has two brothers, Gary, married to the former Faye McDonald, of Lovely, and Robert, married to the former Kimberly Becrisio, of Lovely, and one sister, Wendy, wife of Steve allace, of Palmyra. Terry loved to hunt, fish, garden and enjoyed nature and the outdoors. Terry also loved to tell stories and make people laugh; this brought him joy. Terry attended Bedford Valley Assembly of God and had a deep, abiding trust in God. Because of his faith and assurance of eternal life with his Lord and Savior, Terry did not fear death. He was loved and admired by those who knew him and was an inspiration to many. He was an extraordinary man who displayed grit, stamina and integrity in many challenging circumstances of life. Funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, Sept. 22, 2008, from the Bedford Valley Assembly of God Church near Centerville, with Pastor Troy Gearhart officiating. Friends will be received from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the Timothy A. Berkebile Funeral Home in Bedford. Our online guest book will be available at http://www.berkebilefuneralhome.com/. Published in the Johnstown Tribune Democrat from 9/19/2008 - 9/20/2008 P. 179 of Barefoot Book


Charlotte L. Rininger, age 98, formerly of Fishertown, died at 3:45 p.m., Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 at Pennknoll Village, Snake Spring Twp.
Mrs. Rininger was born in Alum Bank, on Tuesday, May 31, 1910, the daughter of the late Walter C. and Julia (Miller) Wright. She was a member of Alum Bank United Methodist Church, where she was an active member of the United Methodist Women. She was a housewife.
Charlotte was the widow of Norman F. Rininger, whom she married on January 16, 1929 and he preceded her in death on May 27, 1977.
Mrs. Rininger is survived by Daughter- Helen R. widow of Fred T. Hengst , Osterburg; Daughter- Janice R. wife of George Cobb, Cadiz, OH. She is also survived by a son-in-law, Dan Kaufman and 7 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren, 6 great great grandchildren. She was preceded in death by a daughter LaVerne Kaufman, brother Dr. Rayford E. Wright, brother Ralph W. Wright, sister Orise Williams, sister Alma Wright, and an infant sister.
A Funeral Service will be held at the Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home at 2:00 PM on Sunday, December 21st, 2008 with Rev. Charles Jack & Rev. Joseph Shawley officiating.
Interment at Fishertown Cemetery. Friends are invited to call Saturday 4 - 8 PM at Jack H. Geisel Funeral Home, Inc. Pleasantville. P. 83 of Barefoot Book

Barefoot Sanders Federal judge, 83 Died 23 September, 2008, in Texas. Barefoot Sanders, 83, a U.S. district judge who presided over more than two decades of litigation to desegregate Dallas schools, died Sunday at his home in Dallas.
Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA [Refer to special done on Judge Sanders in the 2008 Barefoot Bulletin]
Barefoot Sanders; Tex. Political Figure And Federal Judge

As a judge, Barefoot Sanders presided over an effort to desegregate Dallas schools. (Irwin Thompson - AP)
Enlarge Photo
By Joe Holley
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, September 29, 2008; Page B06
Barefoot Sanders, 83, a retired U.S. district judge whose memorable given name assured a measure of recognition that transcended the significant rulings he made during nearly three decades on the bench, died Sept. 21, 2008, at his home in Dallas of complications of an infection.
Before President Jimmy Carter appointed him to a federal judgeship in 1979, Judge Sanders served as a representative in the Texas Legislature, as a U.S. attorney in Dallas, as a deputy U.S. attorney general and as legislative counsel to President Lyndon B. Johnson.
He was the Justice Department's "point man" on Johnson administration civil rights initiatives, said Larry Temple, an Austin lawyer and former Johnson administration official, speaking at a memorial service for Judge Sanders.
"On one measure alone, which more than any other changed the way we lived in America today -- the Voting Rights Act, striking down the artificial barriers that prevented black citizens from exercising their most precious constitutional right -- Barefoot Sanders was more responsible for its passage than any other person, save for the president himself," Temple said.
As U.S. district judge for the Northern District of Texas, Judge Sanders presided over a long-running effort to desegregate Dallas's public schools. He inherited the case in 1981, more than a decade after it was filed and two years after his appointment to the bench.
He came to the conclusion that busing black children to white schools was ineffectual, and he approved as an alternative the creation of learning centers and magnet schools in minority neighborhoods. The theory was that schools offering high-quality academic programs would act as a magnet for black and white students alike. His oversight ended in 2003.
"He enforced the law," former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk told the Dallas Morning News. "He made the city of Dallas stand up to the promise of America -- education for all of its children and all of its people. I don't know that you ask a judge to do any more than that."
Harold Barefoot Sanders Jr. was born in Dallas on Feb. 5, 1925. As a youngster, he spurned his rustic, down-home middle name, which was the maiden name of his grandmother, Dennie Barefoot. He preferred H.B., the name he went by when he was crowned Freckle King as an 11-year-old boy at the Texas Centennial Celebration in 1936.
After service in the Navy aboard a destroyer in the Pacific during World War II, he entered the University of Texas at Austin. In a successful campaign for student body president, he realized his memorable moniker could be useful. On election day, students woke to find stenciled imprints of a bare foot scattered about campus. (As a judge, he wore a gold footprint pin on his judicial robes.)
He received his bachelor's degree in 1949 and his law degree in 1950, both from the University of Texas at Austin. He joined his father's Dallas law firm in 1950.
From 1952 to 1958, he served in the Texas House of Representatives, where he helped write the state's mental health code. As a judge years later, he oversaw the restructuring of the state's eight psychiatric hospitals.
On Nov. 22, 1963, Judge Sanders and his wife were riding a few cars behind the President John F. Kennedy's car as the motorcade made its way through downtown Dallas. In the chaotic minutes after the assassination, the judge found himself trying to locate federal Judge Sarah T. Hughes to swear in Johnson as the new president aboard Air Force One and frantically searching for a copy of the president's oath of office.
"I was looking for it -- I think half the federal attorneys in the country were looking for it," he told the Dallas Morning News in 2006. They finally found it in the Constitution.
After his service in the Justice Department, Judge Sanders returned to Dallas and ran for U.S. Senate in 1972 against the Republican incumbent, John G. Tower. Despite handing out thousands of foot-shaped sugar cookies his mother had baked, he lost in President Richard M. Nixon's landslide.
He served as chief judge from 1989 to 1995 and retired from the federal bench in 2006.
Survivors include his wife of 56 years, Jan Scurlock Sanders of Dallas; a son, Harold Barefoot Sanders III of Los Angeles; and three daughters, Janet Lea Sanders of Boston, a Massachusetts Superior Court judge, Martha Kay Crockett of Dallas and Mary Frances Korsan of Santa Monica, Calif.; a sister; a brother; and 10 grandchildren. [Relationship not established]


Norman E. Smith, age 67, of Imlertown Road, Bedford, died at 3:25 PM , Monday, December 22nd, 2008 at UPMC Bedford Memorial Hospital.Norman was born in Bedford Twp. on Monday, January 20, 1941, the son of Clair E. and Bertha L. (Foor) Smith of Bedford.He was a truck driver for Eastern Express, Motor Freight, Suwak, Consolidated Frieghtways, and had been a mechanic at Thomas Chevrolet. Norman was a member of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Bedford, the Bedford Moose Lodge # 480, and the Bedford American Legion Post # 113. Mr. Smith enjoyed auto and go-cart racing and following the Pittsburgh Steelers.Norman was the husband of Sara E. (Barefoot) Smith, whom he married on June 22, 1963. In addition to his wife he is survived by his parents and Son- Todd E. Smith, Bedford; Daughter- Tara E. wife of Darren E. Ickes, Bedford; Sister- LaDonna Yoder, Rockford, OH; Sister- Hobby wife of Jim Oravec, Everett; Sister- Sandra wife of RJ Clark, Altoona; Brother- Roger Smith, Bedford. He is also survived by 2 grandchildren-Tyler and Lauren. Mr. Smith was preceded in death by a sister Judy Smith.A funeral service will be held at Louis Geisel Funeral Home, Bedford, at 10:30 AM on Saturday, December 27th, 2008 with Rev. Joseph Puleo and Rev. Barry Bressler officiating. Interment at Bedford County Memorial Park.Friends are invited to call Friday 3 - 5 and 7 - 9 PM at Louis Geisel Funeral Home.Memorial contributions may be made to St. John's United Church of Christ, 144 West John Street Bedford, PA. 15522. P. 139 of Barefoot Book

Howard Barefoot, 88, died, January 19, 2008, peacefully at his home. Howard worked for years as an electrician and was a proud member of the IBEW. Howard loved fishing, vegetable gardening, and tinkering. Clinton. Ohio

Alice Barefoot, Oakmont High Grad
Alice M. Barefoot, 96, of Oakmont, died April 20, 2007.
The lifelong Oakmont resident was a graduate of Oakmont High School, Class of 1927. She was preceded in death by her husband, William Barefoot, and a son, Rovert Barefoot. Surviving are her children, Barbara Marcus of Oakmont, William Barefoot and his wife Gloria, of Sinsbury, Conn: four grandchildren; and five great grand-children. Friends will be received at 10 a.m. on Friday until the noon service at English Funeral Home * Cremation Services Inc., Oakmont.Memorial contributions are suggested to United Methodist Church,
419 Maryland Ave., Oakmont, PA 15139.

If you have any knowledge of the two people listed above or of Martha Barefoot or William R. Barefoot, would you help us connect them to the family if they are related to our Barefoot Clan.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Solomon Nunemaker and Elizabeth Barefoot Hammer Family


Old Hammer Photo: Front Row: Ross Forward Hammer (abt 30), Probably Mary Jane Cauffiel (abt 25). Row 2: Solomon Nunemaker Hammer (abt 73), Elizabeth Barefoot (abt 71), Louisa Foust (abt 33), Malinda Galbreath (abt 31). Back Row: John Colby Hammer (abt 40), David Mark Hammer (abt 35), Mary Hammer (abt 49), Charlotte Hammer (abt 48), Polly Spiegel Hammer (abt 26). Picture taken around 1885 to 1889.

Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer - My great-great grandmother. I have always disliked my square jaw, but when I look at Elizabeth, I can tell where I got it.

Husband: Solomon Nunemaker Hammer

Each year we like to highlight a descendant of James and Mary (Sleek/Slick) Barefoot, but no one has been volunteering for the task, so I have decided that I would like to highlight Elizabeth BAREFOOT, daughter of James and Mary (Sleek) BAREFOOT. I am descended from Elizabeth.

Elizabeth BAREFOOT was the second child of James Barefoot (James3, Benjamin2, Samuel1). She was born 18 February 1813 in St. Clairsville, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. She died 27 September 1889 in Jenner Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, at age 76. She was buried in Jenner Township Baptist Cemetery, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
Elizabeth (Barefoot) Hammer Elizabeth’s husband Solomon Nunemaker HAMMER

Elizabeth married Solomon Nunemaker HAMMER on
11 September 1834. Solomon, the son of Jonas and Mary Elizabeth (Nunemaker) Hammer, was born 14 December 1811 in Pennsylvania. He died 13 February 1890 in Jenner Township, Somerset, Pennsylvania, at age 78, and was buried in Jenner Township Baptist Cemetery, Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Children of Elizabeth BAREFOOT and Solomon Nunemaker HAMMER:

Home of Daniel Maddox and Mary E. Hammer

Mary E. (Hammer) Cauffiel from a painting of her home

Daniel Cauffiel, husband of Mary E. Hammer

1. Mary E. HAMMER, born 1 February 1836, Jenner Twp, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States:
d. 23 August 1900, Conner, Jenner Twp, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States, married Daniel Maddox CAUFFIEL.

Charlotte (Hammer) Livingston

David Livingston in uniform, husband of Charlotte Hammer

2. Charlotte HAMMER was born 2 July 1837, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; d. 5 May 1927, Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States; married David LIVINGSTON.

Joseph Sleek Hammer - My great-grandfather

Elizabeth Ann Barnhart, known as Lizzie Ann - my great-grandmother,wife of Joseph Sleek Hammer

This is a copy of the original marriage certificate of Joseph Sleek Hammer and Lizzie Ann Barnhart.

3. Joseph Sleek HAMMER was the first son born 16 April 1839 at Jenner Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States. He died 29 December 1906 at Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States. He married Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie Ann) BARNHART. {I am a direct descendant of Joseph and Lizzie Ann, who were my great-grandparents. They are the parents of my grandmother Ella Genora (Hammer) Krise. She married Warren Samuel Padget Krise. Ella and Warren are the parents of my mother Elizabeth Mae (Krise) Hott. All of these parties are deceased.}

4. Henrietta HAMMER was born 22 April 1842. She died in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States, on 17 February 1858 at the age of 15.

John Colby Hammer
Melinda Galbreath, wife of John Colby Hammer

5. John Colby HAMMER, born 1 September 1845 at Jenner Twp, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; d. 26 March 1913 at Conner, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States;married Melinda Galbreath.

David Mark(s) Hammer

Louisa Foust, wife of David Marks Hammer

6. David Mark HAMMER, born 29 August 1847 at Jenner Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; d. 15 February 1938 at Jenner Twp, , Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; married Louisa FOUST.

7. George B. HAMMER was born 24 May 1851. He died 15 January 1862 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, at age 10.
NO PHOTO AVAILABLE of George B. Hammer

8. Winfield Scott HAMMER was born 1 January 1853 and died 23 April 1858 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, at age 5.

Ross Forward Hammer

Polly Spiegel, wife of Ross Forward Hammer

9. Ross Forward HAMMER was born 2 July 1855 at Jenner Twp., Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; d. 12 April 1947 at Boswell, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States; married Mary “Polly” SPEIGLE.

10. Martha D. HAMMER was 2 months and 6 days old when she died. She was born 26 August 1856 and died 11 November 1856 at Jenner Twp, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States.
NO PHOTO AVAILABLE of Martha D. Hammer

Cordelia Augusta HAMMER is sometimes listed as a child of Solomon and Elizabeth HAMMER, but she really is a child of Joseph Sleek HAMMER and Sabina Shultz. Cora married Ephraim THOMAS. Cord was b. 2 December 1862 in Davidsville, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States, and died 14 August 1934 in Johnstown, Cambria, Pennsylvania, United States.
Other names:
Cordelia or Cora or Cord (Hammer) Thomas

Elizabeth Barefoot must have had much sorrow as she was rearing her family. She and Solomon reared Mary, Charlotte, Joseph, John, David, and Ross to adulthood. Four of their children – Henrietta (age 16), George (age 10), Winfield (age 5), and Martha (age 2 months) died when young. First she lost baby Martha in 1856 followed by Henrietta and Winfield in February and April of 1858. The last child George died in 1862. In addition, she reared her granddaughter Cora because Joseph and Sabina Shultz did not marry. Sabina was about 16 at the time and serving as a domestic in the home. Elizabeth's mother Mary (Sleek) Barefoot must have served as a wonderful example of motherhood. Mary was the local mid-wife, although the community referred to her as a doctor. She reared a large family and was a good example to Elizabeth, who, in turn, reared a large family herself.

Barefoot Log Cabin

Barefoot Log Cabin

Old Photo of Barefoot Home

Old Photo of Barefoot Home
James Barefoot Log Cabin