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Pleasantville Cemetery Clean-up

Thank-you Note from Bob Felton
Re: Pleasantville Cemetery

28 October 2008

Just a brief update on the Pleasantville Cemetery. This year was a long grass-growing season. In fact, I just finished a season’s end to mowing a couple weeks ago.
The equipment has now been serviced and is ready to go in the spring.
This summer we again had inmates from Cresson State Prison provide maintenance. I had there here for two weeks, and we accomplished resetting over a dozen monuments. Spraying for poison ivy was also done. Several graves have been filled in, and they’ll be others to do as the ground settles.
I’m planning on doing some work in channeling water for a better drainage situation.
Several Truck loads of gravel have been spread over the road.
It’s been a job getting this old cemetery to look good. I believe we’re starting to see positive results. The comments folks are making are encouraging. Again, thank the Barefoot Reunion for their concern and the financial support. It’s really appreciated.
Yours truly,
Bob Felton

[Last year we increased our donation for the upkeep of the Pleasantville Cemetery from $100 to $120. We will discuss this issue again. We will again pass the hat for additional monies to send to Bob. He is married to a Barefoot descendant but lovingly cares for the spot where many of our older Barefoot ancestors have been laid to rest. We appreciate him and the scheduling of the prison inmates to help with this task.

If any reader does not attend the Barefoot Reunion but would like to contribute to the upkeep of the cemetery, would you please just send a check to “Robert A. Felton” at this address: PO Box 34, 122 Rolling Acres Dr., Alum Bank, PA 15521-0034.]

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Old Photo of Barefoot Home
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