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Barefoot Reunion Minutes

2010 Barefoot Reunion Minutes
August 1, 2010 93nd Barefoot Reunion
By Bobbie Woodley

2009 92nd Barefoot Reunion Officers:
Vicki Erdley – President
Mike Barefoot – Vice President
Sylvia Sonneborn – Treasurer/Editor
Bobbie Woodley – Recording Secretary
Betsy Hawthorne – Corresponding Secretary
Joann Mickolick – Officer in Training

Pledge of Allegiance, led by Mike Barefoot
We sang America (My Country, Tis of Thee), led by Bille Ann Huff & Suzan Hollist
Reading of deceased members by Betsy Hawthorne – Moment of silence
Reading of 2009 minutes by Bobbie Woodley
Motion to accept minutes – Dorothy Barefoot, Second – Jennifer Woodley
Reading of Treasurer’s report by Sylvia Sonneborn Motion to accept Mark Hott, Second Diane White
Newsletter donation is $4.00 There was discussion of raising donation to $5.00, this is to be voted on at next year’s reunion. Motion was made by Carol Scott to subsidize $ needed to cover printing and postage for next year’s newsletter(2011) There is a pdf CD available of the newsletter for a donation of $2.00. Also you can receive copies of older newsletters for a donation of $1.00 ea. Subscriptions for newsletters $184.00 Do we want full obituaries or just list of deceased family with dates published in newsletter?
Motion to keep donation to Cemetery Assoc. @ Pleasantville Cemetery/Bob Felton at $120.00 – Carol Scott Second – Jim Strange
Recommendation to keep all officers as is, made by Nominating Committee (Carol Scott/Jim Strange)Motion to accept by Janet Robel, Second Mark Hott

Officers for 2010 are as follows:
Vicki Erdley – President
Mike Barefoot – Vice President
Sylvia Sonneborn – Treasurer/Editor
Bobbie Woodley – Recording Secretary
Betsy Hawthorne – Corresponding Secretary

Vicki Erdley will reserve Sequoia @ Windber Park for 2010 Motion to accept Betsy Hawthorne, Second Carol Scott

Door prizes were won by Angela Ryan & Jeremy Yeager
Oldest Man – Clair Mock 105 yrs old
Oldest Woman – Hazel Sipes – 90 yrs old
Youngest Child – Lila Huff – 15 months
Traveled the Farthest – David Eckenrode & son Eric – Douglas, WY
Most Recently Married – Angela & John Ryan – 2 yrs
Longest Married – John & June Hammer – 64 yrs
These prizes were donated by Janet Watkins Robel

We did not ask anyone to get prizes for next year; if someone would like to volunteer, please contact one of the officers.

Jennifer Woodley & Steve Colledge volunteered to do children’s games next year. Bobbie Woodley will donate the prizes for the games.

Cake Guess brought in $ 2.50 and Jennifer Woodley will bake the cake for 2011

M & M Guess brought in $ 5.00 there were 328 M& M’s Ben Lamer won with the guess of 317

Barefoot Banner was won by Parker Hollist

Family Tree was won by Mark Piljay

Chance for above brought in $29.50

Chinese Auction & Silent Auction brought in $290.50 It must be noted that Clair Mock made a miniature wheelbarrow for the silent auction.

Mike Barefoot passed the hat; we received $180.00 in donations. Thanks to all.

Penny Espenshade & her mom Dorothy Barefoot brought in pictures and shared memories of our past president (their dad & husband) Bill Barefoot, who passed away Januaary 2010.

Diane Watkins shared stories about her grandfather John A Watkins married to Eliza Barefoot.

We would greatly appreciate anyone who can share stories about our ancestors at the next reunion and also in the newsletter.

It was a great day for a reunion.

Motion to adjourn Mary Lou Campbell, Second Diana White

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Barefoot Log Cabin

Barefoot Log Cabin

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Old Photo of Barefoot Home
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