Tuesday, July 10, 2012


First on rt. - Barefoot, Black and red blouse June Hammer, Yellow on rt. Mary Ellen Young, tan T-shirt Penny Espenshade, blonde woman in brown blouse Mary Lou Campbell of Levi Barefoot, Green shirt with cane Fred Hott, behind him is the Strange family - Karen in gray, Hazel Sipe with white, Jeremy in white hat with Corinne Strange Yeager, Pam and Jim Strange in pink and white with hat, Sylvia Sonneborn in yellow with blue jeans and brother Bob Hott in red shirt beside her, Steph and Russel Barefoot in red and green, cannot identify others.
Kneeling - two Yeager children, Parker Hollist in green, Alana in pink, two Strange children, other two unknown, middle Gail Hott Prave in yellow seated in center, Betsy Hott Hawthorne seated in gray, and Mary Hott Hutchison seated in yellow on extreme right.  Behind Gail is her daughter Angela Prave Ryan in Steeler's shirt 92, Gail's grandson Luke Lamer in teal beside Ang, Gail's daughter Heather Lamer in brown and another grandson Ben Lamer in brown.  Man behind 92 John Ryan, and behind him Angela's son Nicholas Kitner in black.  In light blue Janet Robel, her husband Rayford behind her and Mike Barefoot in blue hat.  Diana White in green. Second row on right Suzan Hawthorne Hollist in red.  Behind Suzan her sister Billie Hawthorne Huff in flowered shirt and Barbara Hott (wife of Bob) in green and white dress.  Behind Billie Laura Huff with her baby girl Lola, unknown behind her, and Todd Huff in upper right corner.
Sitting children unknown, seared with crutches Bobbie Woodley, Carol Saylor all in white, and Dorothy Barefoot in tan shirt and black shorts, sitting on right.  Back to second row of standing people.  Next to lady in green her daughter Cindy Gage in orange, behind her Jennifer Woodley in sleeveless white shirt with big guy Steve College in white and in front of him Patty Jones.  White t-shirt and red pants Alan Scott (Carol's husband), Linda Eckenrod bonde with gray print sleeveless shirt and Shelby Hott next to her in gray sleeveless shirt, Ashley Hott in black T-shirt to her right and Becca Hott in black blouse.  Last row behind Linda is her husband Mike Eckenrod in white muscle shirt, John Hott in black, and Eric Hott in green and white Hawaiian shirt, Eric Eckenrod with long black hair (not visible except in next picture) and his dad David Eckenrod in gray muscle shirt (from WY).
Extreme right - Maryanne Hott in forest green with skirt, Vicki Erdley - our president in yellow, Clair Mock - oldest man with his daughter Elaine Sollengerger in red. Send me names of people I missed.  

2009 Entire Barefoot Clan pictured above with the addition of Jack Sonneborn on left (one photographer) and Marty Erdley on right in yellow shirt (the other photographer),  VP Mike Barefoot in the center has a wave for all of us.

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Barefoot Log Cabin

Barefoot Log Cabin

Old Photo of Barefoot Home

Old Photo of Barefoot Home
James Barefoot Log Cabin